Summer Vacated

by Deirdre Kelly

photography by Mike Ford

Doors closed. Minds still open. York University keeps on trucking through a pandemic that has most of the world at a standstill. It might look quiet. But so much is still going on. Since the cessation of all in-class instruction on March 16, the University has quickly adapted to virtual modes of learning, with classes offered on Moodle, Zoom, Google Classroom and expansive online course platforms. In fact, summer enrolment is higher than ever and scholarship is flourishing – remotely but rigorously – as York faculty and students rise to the challenge of the COVID-19 crisis with new ways of thinking that continue to drive the University’s global reputation for teaching and research excellence. A more comprehensive look at how the University has handled the pandemic will follow in the fall issue. But for now, let’s celebrate the University’s extraordinary nimbleness, and its ability to embrace and be inspired by change. This is one of the biggest tests the University community has had to face. And it’s passing with flying colours.    

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