by Deirdre Kelly

Erin Marcus (BA ’98) took a degree in cultural studies, a multidisciplinary program combining different courses in fine arts, and it pervades a handcrafted jewellery collection rooted in painting and poetic narrative.

“I work like an artist, and honestly, that’s because I studied fine arts at York,” says the proprietor of Toronto-based virtual boutique “It was an education that made me open to opportunity.”

That opportunity presented itself in Hawaii, a frequent family vacation destination. Seduced by the ocean waves, lush flowers and verdant foliage of the tropical Maui landscape, Marcus was inspired to leave her job in the food industry after 15 years to make jewellery – previously a hobby – full-time.

The emeralds, garnets, opals and tourmalines that figure in her creations reflect the colours of nature and the prismatic quality of her University education.

“I didn’t know at the time in what area of my life my shining star – as one of my professors put it – would rise. But when it did rise, I was ready. What I learned at York really had a big impact on me.”  

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