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Raise a glass – or don’t. This summer, The York University Magazine invites you to explore a spirited (yet spirit-free) cultural shift – the burgeoning “sober curious” movement. Our cover story delves into this intriguing departure from societal drinking norms. Drawing Deirdre Kelly portraitinsights from experts at York University, we immerse ourselves in the vibrant sober subculture thriving in contrast to traditional drinking scenes. From crafting artisanal mocktails to all-night dance parties fuelled by coconut water, we examine the nuanced science behind addiction and recovery, offering a refreshing perspective on cultivating balanced lifestyles.

This is not the only convention-defying narrative contained within these pages. We spotlight Jane Goodall, whose pioneering conservation work fundamentally challenges our relationship with nature. Dexter Janke’s professional journey as the new York Lions football coach showcases the power of perseverance in an arena often celebrating fleeting glory. York grad Arun Srinivasan shares his visionary lighting design for a Stratford Festival world-premiere production, illuminating an art form where innovation shakes up tradition.

Pushing boundaries further, our feature on Arctic security addresses an emerging global issue that is typically overshadowed. A story on young philosophers examines history’s pivotal ideas through York’s innovative lens, re-energizing an age-old discipline. We also amplify vital voices challenging systemic barriers and advocating for greater equity and inclusion of Black Canadians in business, technology and other sectors.

These compelling narratives, combined with our award-winning writing, design and photography, embody The York University Magazine’s commitment to innovation, inclusivity and excellence. They affirm our mission to deliver top-tier content reflecting York’s vibrant spirit.

As you turn these pages, immerse yourself in a curated selection designed to quench your intellectual curiosity while basking in summer’s warmth. For this defines the very essence of The York University Magazine – ever probing, ever insightful, ever defying expectations.

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Deirdre Kelly

photography by Mckenzie James

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