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Wylie, Micky (BA Political Science and French - Glendon)

After graduating from York, Micky took a master’s degree in political science at the University of Alberta. She then worked for a year in Toronto doing market research before applying to the Faculty of Library Science at the University of Toronto, where she trained to be a special librarian with a concentration in law. Today she works as a consulting librarian for five Toronto law firms in addition to helping her husband, Bill Wylie, at Wylie Mycologicals – an organic specialty mushroom facility located in Georgian Bluffs, Ont.


Li, Jane (BA Political Science)

After a successful 31-year career in commercial real estate across Ontario, Jane recently retired to return to her lifelong passion: painting. But this isn’t a casual hobby to fill her spare time. Jane is steadily working away to finish a new painting every one to three days. To date, she’s created over 100 paintings in the span of six months. “If I continue at this pace, I will complete 1,000 paintings in another three and a half years,” she says, “allowing time for relaxation and light socializing.”


Rorai, Gina (BFA Visual Arts)

After graduating from York, Gina began exhibiting with prominent Toronto art gallery Sable-Castelli (now defunct), where she was included in seminal exhibitions that led to her appearance in some of the country’s leading art institutions. Today represented exclusively by Corkin Gallery in Toronto, Gina recently unveiled an exhibition of her latest collection of paintings, “Where One Finishes the Other Begins,” to critical acclaim.


Scott, Ryan (BA Kinesiology and Health Sciences)

Ryan is the clinic director, chiropractor and certified strength and conditioning specialist at Advantage 4 Athletes in Markham, Ont. His clinic was the first in Ontario to introduce a new medical device called the Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator (PoNS), which is currently being studied as a potential new option for the treatment of chronic neurological symptoms of disease or trauma.


Blakely, Kristin (BA Sociology)

A former Chair of the board of the Canadian Women’s Foundation and past member of the Consultative Committee for the Gender Equality Network Canada, Kristin received her master’s in sociology from York in 2002. A co-investigator at the Ryerson Diversity Institute and a frequent speaker on gender issues, she teaches undergraduate courses in sociology at Glendon. Kristin presently serves on the board of the Canadian Women’s Foundation and chairs the Foundation’s Teen Healthy Relationships Advisory Committee. She lives in Toronto with her lively family and her pup, Joey.


Clarke, Curtis A. (PhD Sociology)

After graduation, Curtis accepted the position of associate professor and co-ordinator of the Criminal Justice program at Athabasca University. After seven years in that position, he transitioned to the Alberta Provincial Government, where he held various positions, including assistant deputy minister of Correctional Services, associate deputy solicitor general and, as of this year, deputy minister of Advanced Education. During this time, Curtis has been involved with numerous outside organizations, such as INTERPOL, the Council of Ministers of Education (CMEC) and the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction. Curtis recalls his memories of York fondly.

Evans, Virginia A. (BA Liberal Studies)

After graduating from York in her mid-sixties, Virginia founded the Macedonian Film Festival in Toronto in 2006 – the world’s first and longest-running international film festival dedicated to Macedonian culture and heritage. Since then, various iterations of the festival have opened in New York, London and Melbourne. The festival’s 15th anniversary in Canada is scheduled to take place at Toronto’s Carlton Cinemas in October. Previously, Virginia ran a community theatre group, called Theatre Five, in the city’s Willowdale neighbourhood.


Durante, Angela (BA/BEd History)

After completing a master’s degree in 2005, Angela took a PhD in history, specializing in visual culture and the body, in 2015 – her fourth degree from York University. Today a professional portrait photographer, she assigns herself an annual “heart project,” which has so far taken her to India and Tanzania, where she photographs non-profit groups and orphanages in search of clean water. “My passion for travel, service and working through language and cultural barriers has made my international humanitarian work the most fulfilling of all my projects,” Angela says.


Mishra, Ankit (BA Mathematics - Glendon)

Following graduation, Ankit headed to Europe to complete his master’s in international economics at Sciences Po in Paris. “The Glendon experience was a key factor in my decision to move to France,” he says. He has since parlayed his education into numerous international postings, including the OECD/IEA in Paris and the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Brussels. After returning to Canada for a brief stint with the Ontario Ministry of Energy, Ankit relocated to San Francisco to become head of growth and data analytics at Pngme, a mobile lending platform for financial institutions in emerging markets.

Rashkovsky, Karine (BSc Psychology; BEd Science)

Recipient of a PhD in education from York in 2010, Karine is the founder and director of Brain Power, an after-school enrichment program for bright and gifted students from grades one through 12. As the co-author of the Brain Power series of educational workbooks, she’s the recipient of numerous accolades for her progressive leadership in the field of education, including the 2018 Top Entrepreneur Under 40 in the City of Vaughan and York Region’s 2018 Passion into Practice award.


Oko, Jolanta (BFA Dance)

Jolanta is the founder and director of Canada’s National Academy of Dance Education. In addition to holding her BFA and MA in dance from York, Jolanta is a graduate of the teacher training program at Canada’s National Ballet School. She travels across Canada facilitating dance educator conferences and workshops for school boards, dance studios and teachers, and is the author of over 10 dance resources, in both English and French, designed to help teachers deliver 21st-century dance education to their students. She took an MA in dance at York in 2013.


Maldonado, Anabel (BA Psychology)

A fashion journalist and entrepreneur, Anabel has contributed to numerous international lifestyle publications, among them T Singapore: The New York Times Style Magazine, The Business of Fashion and Marie Claire. After graduating in 2008, she moved to London, U.K., where she launched The Psychology of Fashion, a media platform dedicated to exploring why we wear what we wear. Anabel is also the founder of PSYKHE, a shopping platform that makes style recommendations using psychology and A.I. She and her husband were married in Seville, Spain, last year.


Vlahos, Christina-Laia (BA Mass Communications & Political Science)

Christina-Laia Vlahos is a television presenter and producer at “Star Foodies” on Canada’s OMNI 1 channel. Additionally, she is a presenter and content creator for The Weather Network (Canada), where she is dedicated to broadcasting messages of hope during the COVID-19 pandemic. Inspired by astronaut Chris Hadfield’s moving video on isolation, Christina-Laia is currently reaching out to acclaimed Canadians asking for self-recorded videos of hope and inspiration, which will be broadcast on The Weather Network during this time of social distancing


Santo, Ana Luisa (MA Music)

Ana Luisa is a senior behaviour therapist at Surrey Place in Toronto. Together with that of her colleagues, Ana Luisa’s work on how to select a behaviour analyst for children with autism was recently published in Hospital News, Canada’s healthcare newspaper. “We collaborated with an ethicist from the University Health Network in order to have a wide reach at this very important time in Ontario, when autism services are changing for families,” she says.


Zhou, Tian Jiao (BA Culture and Expression)

Tian Jiao is a Toronto-based director and film editor. After graduating from York, she was a finalist on “China’s Got Talent,” which aired on Chinese Central TV. She appeared in the 2014 film Transformers: Age of Extinction, and was the bilingual host at the film’s gala appreciation night and premiere in China. She edited the 2019 film Miller & Son, which was shortlisted in the Live Action Short Film category at the 2020 Oscars. The film also won the BAFTA Student Film Award for Best Live Action Film in 2019. A proud alumna, Tian Jiao is grateful for the university education and experience she had at York.


Adhikari, Indra (MDEM Disaster and Emergency Management)

Indra recently returned to Toronto after spending 26 months in Yemen with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), where he helped support those needing protection and assistance. “Managing food, non-food items, water and medicine was challenging, [but] I did my best with IFRC to serve the purpose of disaster or emergency management,” he says. He continues his advocacy work to engage the international community to help Yemen, save lives and promote human dignity.

Hunter, Douglas (PhD History)

Douglas is currently completing a new book for McGill-Queen’s University Press, called Jackson’s Wars, on the formative years of World War One soldier and artist A.Y. Jackson, a founding member of the Group of Seven. Douglas published Beardmore: The Viking Hoax That Rewrote History in 2018. He won multiple awards for his doctoral dissertation, “Stone of Power,” including the 2016 Canadian Association of Graduate Studies award for the best dissertation in humanities, social sciences and art history. A version of this dissertation, incorporating additional research, was the source of his 2017 book, The Place of Stone.


Bradbury, Nicole (BSCN Nursing)

After graduating, Nicole passed her licensing exams to become a Registered Nurse in Ontario, and joined the Nursing Resource Team at St. Michael’s Hospital. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March, she has been working at the hospital’s COVID-19 assessment centre in downtown Toronto. “I find a lot of my job has been providing health education and reassurance to many who come in with anxieties and fears about COVID-19, which has been a real privilege during this uneasy and stressful time,” she says.

Morris, Molly (MLCE Leadership and Community Engagement)

As Molly was completing her master’s degree in leadership and community engagement at York University, she began contributing to, an international online initiative of Jewish Biblical scholarship. She’s currently a featured writer, posting weekly essays focused on Biblical leadership. Molly’s day job is at York University, where she is a manager of communications and marketing with the Division of Students, and her downtime is happily spent playing, in person and virtually, with her seven grandchildren in three countries.

In Memoriam

Hogg, Peter (Dean Emeritus, Osgoode Hall Law School)

Peter was appointed a professor of law at Osgoode Hall Law School in 1970 and became dean in 1998, serving until 2003, when he joined the Toronto law firm Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP as a scholar in residence. As dean emeritus and professor emeritus at Osgoode Hall Law School, he was one of Canada’s leading constitutional law scholars. Peter died February 4, 2020. He was 80 years old.

Scott, Randy (Professor Emeritus)

Randy served at York University for 45 years, beginning in 1972, when he was both a sessional instructor in the Department of French Literature and the assistant to the dean in the former Atkinson College. Professor Scott was perfectly trilingual in English, French and Italian, and also conducted research in Latin, Old French and Provençal. He passed away on November 6, 2019.