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Left to right: Marcia Denton, Anne Wright, Ruth Ann Whipp, Penny Douros, Eleanor Copeland and Hannah Rosenbloom (seated)

WE USUALLY THINK of 50th anniversaries as pertaining mostly to weddings. Rarer is a celebration of friendship that stretches back that far – and had its roots in university! But that’s the reality for the six York grads pictured here. Anne Wright-Howard explains: “We met in September 1966. With the exception of Eleanor, we were all in the women’s residence at Founders College, where the six of us forged a lasting friendship. Founders had a warden named Mr. Bull whose job it was to sit at the residence front door to ensure no males entered. There were only two colleges, Founders and Vanier, we had most of our lectures at Burton Auditorium and the only library was the Ross Science Library to which we had to trek over vast empty snow-blown expanses. We have kept in regular touch over the years and celebrated our 50th anniversary last September.”

Left to right: Hannah Rosenbloom, Penny Douros, Anne Wright-Howard, Ruth Ann Whipp, Eleanor Copeland and Marcia Denton