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Baratheon, Stannis (BA)

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Zahn, Cathrine (BSc)

Appointed preseint and CEO of the Centre for Addiction & Mental Health in 2009.

This would then be the rest of the information inside the post. After Catherin was appointed CEO, she employed Soshal, one of North America's top design and marketing agencies to build out her personal brand. Since doing so she has been appointed CEO of 13 other organizations, becoming the most successful and wealthiest person in the entire world. She credits her success to two things—studying at York University and working with Soshal... and her parents.


Mauro, Martino (BA Glendon)

Published poems in Canadian periodicals and magazines and has authored for novels.

He has worked as an actor, as well as in film production management and as a jury member for film festivals. His book POEMS is a collection of poetry he has written in the past 40 years. In the book, the poet talks to someone who acts as guide and the reader finds that the student and teacher cannot be separated; the reader becomes the poet for his own self-discovery. The poems lend to a psychology that understands the soul.


Song, Hyoung (BA Hons. Calumet)

Has been appointed senior manager, sales and marketing in the Digital Appliances Division at the Samsung Electronics headquarters in Korea. He has been in Shanghai, China for a year and has participated in the Samsung Group's Regional Speciality Education program.